About Us

Who We Are

We are committed to providing state-of-the-art solutions for critically ill and premature newborns. We are exclusively focused on discovering innovative ways to address neonatal pathologies, delivering exceptional technologies and promoting a developmentally supportive care environment. We partner with MTTS to make this a reality.





We ensure that the products we provide combine clinical expertise, innovative research, cutting-edge design and superior materials to develop performance-driven, durable, user-friendly medical equipment and treat the most common, complex and serious neonatal pathologies. Our partners operate in a certified quality management system [ISO 13485:2012] to consistently meet international quality standards, deliver-ing exceptional care to newborns and real value to hospitals.


Our cutting-edge medical devices enable healthcare professionals to enhance operational efficiency, improve clinical outcomes, and achieve clinical excellence.


We recognize the physical, psychological and emotional effects of the intensive care experience on newborn babies and their families. We aim to minimize these vulnerabilities by adopting a developmentally supportive, family-centered philosophy. In addition, we partner with healthcare leaders around the world to promote sustainable healthcare systems and give each baby an equal chance at a healthy life.